A More Professional Approach to Private Security.


SR Global Security was founded in order to fill a void seen in today’s private security model. Offering a more professional approach to uniformed security, 80% of our employees are veterans, and paid well above average. Our entire staff is either former law enforcement, veterans, or professional security personnel.

Gone are the days of poor logistics and personnel issues. We are a seamless and turn key resource that ensures the safety of those you’re responsible for. From armed, unarmed, plain clothes and uniformed services, events, to technology security, it’s not just that we are clean cut or our team has extensive military experience. It’s that we are highly trained and qualified in what we do, which truly defines the SR Global advantage.

If a more secure environment for your facility or community is something you have been considering, we ask that you read on and discover why SR Global Security really is the best choice.

Top-Tier Service at a Mid-Range Price.

We believe that our Threat Assessment Product highlights both facility and personnel security concerns. Therefore we provide you with the information needed to make informed decisions regarding uniformed security.


SR Global has multiple years of combined law enforcement and private security management experience. For that reason, we excel in providing our clients with professional and dedicated security services. Most importantly, we have one goal with all clients, and that is to bring an exceptional level of security that exceeds expectations.


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We strive to bring the latest concepts of proactive security to our clients. For example, one of the ways we do this, is by using the latest security models to prevent and deter. Another way we do this is by finding innovative solutions to ongoing problems. Above all, our proactive security model is used to focus on preventing crimes from occurring, not just reacting to crimes in progress.


What we do is provide the information your organization needs to establish appropriate needs for security measures. Following that, we implement safe protocols for your staff and clients. SR Global Security understands the importance of safeguarding life and property. In other words, we are committed to being the best private security solution for you.

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Our team is comprised entirely of former/current law enforcement officers or those with extensive military or executive protection background. Another way SR Global Security stand above is by not just providing a “warm body” but having the proactive approach.

We also do this by hiring private security guards with the experience and training needed to deal with evolving situations. Our private security professionals are independent thinkers who take a proactive, not reactive approach. Catering to each of our client’s specific needs is yet another reason we are the best service of our kind.

Jeff Savaglio | President/CEO

(805) 815-6839
Northern California (805) 665-0022


(805) 815-6839

Northern California
(805) 665-0022


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