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Highly Trained & Backgrounded Private Security Guards

Our professional private security guards can change the atmosphere of your business. You will immediately notice the difference in the level of service SR Global Security will provide to you. We do this by bringing in the most trained and professional corporate private security guards in the business. We show you how we can save your corporation money by providing a higher level of security either at the cost you pay now or lower.

Private Security Planned for Your Budget

Our approach is not about having more security, but less with the ability to provide a safer work environment. We take a very proactive approach to your security needs and help you find and address ongoing problems. We help make your corporate offices run more efficiently which will save you money. Let us show you how we can provide a better level of private security than you are used to.


Threat Assessments

Having a building site private security guard is one of the first and easiest steps in securing the safety of your professional executives. When managing an office complex, employing competent security officers is a pro-active decision. Make an appointment today to discuss why we are the professional’s choice.

Private Security Guards

Our team is comprised entirely of former/current law enforcement officers or those with extensive military or private security background. We set ourselves apart from the other companies by not just providing a “warm body” but by having a proactive approach.

We do this by hiring individuals with the experience and the training needed to deal with dynamic and evolving situations. Our security professionals are independent thinkers and take a proactive, not reactive, approach to each of our client’s needs.

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(805) 815-6839

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