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Active Shooter Training for Houses of Worship

Private Security for any house of worship or public space can come with a tremendous cultural cost. Nobody desires bars on windows or scary armed guards lurking around during services. SR Global Security has proven effective solutions specifically tailored for preventing and deterring to rehearsing reactions.

Nevertheless random violence is rampant across America, with disturbing trends or targeting houses of worship. As these events unfold in our backyard, for the public good we have decided it is our community responsibility to take an active role in preventing and deterring potential attacks.

According to the Red Cross
Since 2013, an active shooter incident has occurred every 2 to 3 weeks in the United States.i
More than 1,270 people have been killed or wounded in 200 active shooter incidents from 2000-2015.ii
Shootings have taken place in offices, schools, shopping centers, government buildings, theaters, places of worship, and on city streets.iii

Teaching Decisive Decision Making

Through our Active Shooter Training, SR Global Security experts can show you and your members how to familiarize yourselves with your surroundings, identify exits, go through mind rehearsals and be equipped to react. Until help arrives, quick action training like this dramatically improves the chances that safety can be reached. We can be afraid or we can be ready.

Since 2013, an active shooter incident has occurred every 2 to 3 weeks in the United States (Source: FBI A Study of Active Shooter Incidents in the United States Between 2000 and 2013).


Recognize – Flee, Cover or Defend

Taking an active role in developing an Emergency Operation Plan for your facility can be one of the simplest steps in planing for potential emergencies. There are steps we can take to deter as well as react.

Be it training or even discreet presence for your public space, we really do provide a more professional approach to private security. For no cost, there are several simple pro-tips that you and your staff can start doing today.

Register for Active Shooter Training

Our team is comprised entirely of former/current law enforcement officers or those with extensive military or executive protection background. We set ourselves apart from the other companies by not just providing a “warm body” but by having a proactive approach.

We do this by hiring individuals with the experience and the training needed to deal with dynamic and evolving situations. Our security professionals are independent thinkers and take a proactive, not reactive, approach to each of our client’s needs.

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