Technology Security


• Investigation Forensics
• Financial Tracking
• Digital Forensics
• eDiscovery
• Damaged Device/Deleted Data Recovery
• C-Suite Consulting
• PenTesting/Red Teaming
• Internal Network Testing
• External Testing
• Social Engineering
• Phishing Assessments

C-Suite Consulting

SR Global Security understands the reality of security in the modern age. Today’s threats can be both physical, and technology related. Our Technology Security Division of SR Global Security focuses on all types threats that face the modern asset. Combining the newest tech with real world experience, our systems are maintained with diligent precision. We would like to be your valuable resource when it comes to utilizing technology to keep you and your people safe. Stay out of harms way and let SR Global Security help your secure you business today.

Enterprise Authentication

In order for our services to be effective, we have a seamless integration across real world elements and electronic pieces. Moving in concert with one another, setup and configuration of applications necessary to secure your information, applying this to our custom technology security plans is one of the things we do best! To ensure your data is secure, give us a call today.

Technology Security Division

Providing private security communications infrastructure for large companies employees and network users, we pride ourselves on being reliable and professional. SR Global Security can assist in authenticating users as well as precautionary measures to keep your data private. With a variety of technology at our disposal, our extensive field experience is sure to be a valuable asset to your data security efforts.

Secure your data

Our team is comprised entirely of former/current law enforcement officers or those with extensive military or executive protection background. We set ourselves apart from the other companies by not just providing a “warm body” but by having a proactive approach.

We do this by hiring individuals with the experience and the training needed to deal with dynamic and evolving situations. Our security professionals are independent thinkers and take a proactive, not reactive, approach to each of our client’s needs.

Jeff Savaglio | President/CEO

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(805) 815-6839
Northern California (805) 665-0022


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