Dispensary Security for Cannabis & CBD Suppliers


• Loss Prevention
• High Value Assets
• Retail Security
• Alarm Response
• Access Control
• Technology Security

Protect your Profits

Many dispensaries are desirable targets for criminals due to federal banking laws that force business owners like you to conduct cash transactions. Our team is comprised of highly trained veterans and private security personnel that will take a proactive approach to protecting your hard earned profits and cannabis/marijuana or CBD products from theft. Through the use of our  state of the art security technology and experience tackling high risk situations we will create an environment of total loss prevention, security, and crime deterrence. We can use video cameras, specially crafted locks, alarm systems, and boots on the ground to deter criminals and prevent losses 24 hours a day.

Around the Clock

Our officers respond quickly and effectively to any threats that may arise. Combined with our mastery of security technology, we generate a thorough security network to protect you and your clients. When bringing us in, you will immediately notice the difference in the level of service SR Global Security will provide you. We combine our experience with our independent thinking to tailor a security program that will protect your customers, employees and goods, marijuana or CBD Products.

We have found that many clients want the peace of mind of having a security guard but do not desire the “look.” We can deploy plain clothed guards armed or unarmed for those who prefer a more casual approach to security. Our agents can be camouflaged in anything from a suit and tie, to jeans and a polo shirt for a discrete presence that still allows you feel safe at work.

Independent Thinkers

You worked hard to get to where you are. Let us take it from here. Pro-active, not reactive, we exist to protect you, your clientele, cannabis, CBD products and profits overnight. Our experience in protecting others allows us to be forward-thinking in our approach to your security or training.

A Proactive Approach to Loss Prevention

We combine technology and physical security solutions to diffuse any dangerous situations. Nothing gets past us. Stay out of harms way and let SR Global Security Training Division tailor a custom training plan for your small business today.

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